Alvin the Treacherous
Also Known As Alvin the Poor-But-Honest Farmer, The Thin Prefect
Dragon None
Tribe Outcasts
Introduced In How To Be A Pirate
Family Unknown
"Haven't you learned by now that a Treacherous never keeps his promises?"

Alvin the Treacherous, or simply referred to as Alvin, is the main antagonist of the Hiccup series since How To Be A Pirate. Alvin is a recurring character, who has effectively become Hiccup's nemesis.

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How To Be A Pirate Edit

Alvin the Treacherous stumbled upon Grimbeard the Ghastly's coffin, and hoping for treasure or a map to such, opened the coffin. Shortly afterward, the coffin slammed shut on his hand, severing it off. Eventually, Alvin affixed a mechanism to his arm which had lost its hand, which allowed him to still use swords. Alvin then took the alias of 'Alvin the Poor-But-Honest-Farmer' and went to the Meathead Tribe under this alias, claiming to be a farmer from the Peacable Country. Alvin proposed that the Meathead Tribe find Grimsbeard's treasure by decoding a riddle he found within the coffin. However, the Meathead Tribe rejected Alvin and trapped him in the coffin. They then threw the coffin into The Inner Ocean to dispose of him.

How To Speak Dragonese Edit

Alvin had escaped the Monstrous Strangulator after waking up, and used the Stormblade to cut open the Monstrous Strangler to escape. However, the stomach fluid of the Monstrous Strangulator had an acidic effect strong enough to pull-out all of his hair, making him bald. Unable to escape Grimsbeard's Treasure Cave the way Hiccup and Fishlegs did due to no Dragon, Alvin was forced to crawl through a small tunnel leading into the Dragon Nursery of the Wild Dragon Cliff - a task which took three months. After successfully escaping, he returned to the Outcast Tribe only to find that they had abandoned him. Alvin, with no tribe to live with anymore, sought refuge with the Romans. From here, Alvin raised high into the Roman ranks after suggesting a plan of having the Bog-Burglar Tribe and Hairy Hooligan Tribe wage war with each other - a war which would distract the Vikings to allow the Romans to come in and steal their Dragons. To accomplish this conspiracy, each of the Tribe's heirs would have to be captured and blamed on the other Tribe. As such, the Bog-Burglar heir Camicazi was captured. Alvin - under the alias of the Thin Prefect - then directed the Romans to capture the Hairy Hooligan heir Hiccup. However, Hiccup actually found the Romans beforehand during a Ship-Boarding Lesson. Hiccup met the Fat Consul and the Thin Prefect, but due to Alvin's helmet covering most of his head, his true identity was left unknown.