The Isle of Berk is the main setting for most of the Hiccup instalments, as it is the home of the Hairy Hooligan Tribe of which Hiccup is a member of.

Nearby Land Masses Edit

Isle of Berk Areas Edit

Hooligan Village Edit

This village is home to Hiccup,Stoick the Vast,Gobber the Belch,Snotlout and Vallhallarama.The village is located in the north west and is home to the Hairy Hooligans and their dragons,including Toothless.

Highest PointEdit

A hill on the Isle of Berk.It was destroyed by fire.

Huge Hill Edit

The hill near the Highest Point.

Caliban Caves Edit

To the north-west of Hooligan village.DO NOT GO HERE UNLESS YOU HAVE TO.

Wild Dragon Cliff Edit

All students of the Dragon Initiation Test have to travel to Wild Dragon Cliff to pick out a dragon without waking the other dragons in the Dragon Nursery,where dragons hibernate.

Madman's Gully Edit

A gully near Wild Dragon Cliff.

Black Heart Bay Edit

To the west of Puffin Point,it is one of the Berk beaches.

Puffin Point Edit

The south end of Berk.

Cowrie Beach Edit

A beach on Berk.

Hooligan Harbour Edit

A beach on Berk.It is on the east.

The Long Beach Edit

Site of Thor'sday Thursday.It ends at Hooligan Harbour.

Death Head's Headland Edit

Site of the battle between Hiccup and the Green Death.

Unlandable Cove Edit

A beach which is unlandable.