Meathead Islands are two islands (North Island and South Island) home to the Meathead Tribe, rivals to the Hairy Hooligan Tribe that reside on the Isle of Berk to the West, over The Inner Ocean.

Nearby Land Masses Edit

Meathead Islands (North Island) Areas Edit

Dark Harbour Edit

A beach in the west.

Cliff of Forever Edit

A cliff to the south-west of North Ocean.

Meathead Islands (South Island) Areas Edit

Meathead VillageEdit

Home of the Meathead Tribe,which Mogadon is a member of.

Meathead GraveyardEdit

Where all the dead Meatheads lie.

Cliff of Eternity Edit

A cliff at the south of the South islands.

Pointy PointEdit

A peninsula in the south-west of South Island.